Danilo Bojic
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Students studying design, either through the I–Design or Graphic Design program, enrich contemporary society and culture by creating unique expressive forms of communication and experiences through a broad range of design careers. Design students expand their knowledge and skills and build a professional portfolio in our cutting–edge design production facility through a dynamic and diverse curriculum which includes design history, critical theory, innovative methodology and engaging practices and techniques. Inquiry, research, collaboration, analysis and evaluation are core components of the design curriculum as our students become critical and imaginative thinkers responding to contemporary socio–cultural topics through emergent visual communication forms.


The I-Design program provides students with an up-to-date and adaptive design education. As the creative field continues to expand, the program will enable students to become leaders in multiple design related industries and even their own communities. The I-Design major incorporates a concentration elective (mimicking the area of expertise) that allows students to individualize their program with an area of interest. Students can choose from Studio Practices, Conceptual Illustration, Technology and Interactivity, Business and Marketing, Sustainable Design, Community Development and Integrated Studies. Students will be required to use Apple laptop computers. 

The Graphic Design Option is an interdisciplinary program based in the Art & Design Department. Course work is also required in the Computer Science, Mass Communication and Marketing departments; upper-division course work is integrated among all three departments. Building on a foundation in design, drawing, studio arts, and art history, students work with current graphic design software, gaining experience in print design and web design. The capstone experience includes required participation in the Senior Design Exhibition and possible internship in the graphic design field with a regional business. Students will be required to use Apple laptop computers.