Danilo Bojic
Identity | Branding | Education


Welcome to the web page of Danilo Bojic—Educator, designer, movie goer, food fanatic, digital lover mapping the unmappable.

Exploring design world since 2009 . . .

Greetings, fellow creatives.

In my teaching practice I am committed to transforming traditional design curriculum in order to expand the level of understanding of core and advanced theoretical principals, while utilizing historical and contemporary knowledge to enhance the learning experience. My goal is to both enrich and enhance the creative potential of my students, and open their eyes to new media, tools, and considerations when it comes to graphic design.

As a designer I have started my road heavily interested in exploring identity, typography and print. Through my research and visual explorations in typography and form I raise the questions of accelerated visual perception, data visualization, new media, user experience and interactivity as dominant points of curiosity and interest. My artistic practice involves digital, analog, installation, video, and interactive. Through individual and mix explorations I am able to push the boundaries of creativity and experiment with visual representation of the invisible and temporal.